Exterior Painting
Exterior painting is not just about paint application. For two generations, my family has perfected the exterior painting process to allow our product to withstand even the strongest weather Vermont has to offer. The key to our success, and the part that always seems to be overlooked or rushed through, is the prep work. For us, this means not just removing the peeling paint, but taking it a step further by using a carbide scraper and a wire brush to remove all the dirt and dust particles. We also pay close attention to mold and make sure we’ve removed any with bleach before we even begin scraping. By doing this, we ensure that we have a clean surface with which to work.

A bare wood surface must be primed immediately. If you were to let the bare wood weather for days, you would probably need to re-scrape the area due to the fact that wood is extremely porous and will absorb water from the air.

Accent Painting uses only the best oil primer on the market. The nice thing about the oil is if used only on the sections of bare wood, it tends to fill in the ruts from the missing paint; creating a relatively smooth surface again. The oil primer is absorbed into the wood and also works well with the resins in the latex paint that eventually covers it. The two products together are then able to expand and contract along with your home, without cracking the paint.

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Young man painting wall with paint roller in house

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Interior Painting
The difficulty and importance of quality interior painting is almost always overlooked. Most people think it’s as easy as picking up some paint, rollers, and that trusty roll of tape. However, a bad paint job is the hardest thing professionals encounter. The mistakes that were made by the homeowners (e.g. patches and roller marks) are difficult to undo. Believe it or not, they usually need to be skimmed over with joint compound – a very time consuming task.

The process inside is, again, mostly about the prep work. We do a lot of sanding, patching, caulking and really just running our hands over the walls. Once we have patched all the imperfections (a time mastered talent) we’re ready to prime those patches. We would next apply all the caulking, which seals the trim molding to the wall.

Now comes the fun part – painting! A steady hand and many years of practice allow us to avoid the dreaded step of taping. We cut the edges in and get ready to roll on the top coat. The ceilings are painted first and then the walls. The final step of painting the trim really brings it all together!

The beauty of working with Accent Painting is that we clean everything up and move all your furniture back into place! The only thing left for you to do is to sit back, relax and take in your new room!

Make sure that the roof over your head is in good order. If you have not done so already, have the roof, flashing, gutters and downspouts inspected. We can provide an inspection that will identify the remaining life span on your existing roof. A new roof will usually last 20+ years. Have your attic ventilation and insulation inspected as well as gutter and downspouts.

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Windows and Doors

Many older homes have original, single pane windows. Look for damage on existing windows and consider energy efficiency. Some towns have strict regulations about replacing windows, requiring new windows to be of a style that matches the original. We will consult your town planning department for details. New windows, particularly high-end wood windows can be a costly item in your remodel budget, but with a fairly high return on investment. Internal and external doors should also be checked for any damage, security and weatherproofing issues. A new entry door has one of the highest returns on investment.


Many interior updates or improvement projects such as replacing flooring, painting, and updating appliances can impact your home’s interior in a positive way. New flooring has been shown to help a home maintain its value more than many other remodeling projects, and a fresh coat of paint can both change your home’s look and draw the eye of anyone looking to purchase your property. You would be surprised what a positive change this can make for the appearance of your home, its value, and even your mood!

Any time a home improvement project can yield multiple benefits, you should put it at the top of your priority list. For example, renovating your bathroom can reduce water usage and further lower your utility bills. Potential buyers are always looking for completed projects that will save them money over an extended period of time, and you can consider it a return on your investment!

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